Happiness Is An Inside Power...

The Outside World Is A
Reflection of What Is Unresolved Within

What does KALAVATI mean?

The name Kalavati is drawn from several languages. My interpretations may not reflect accurately their true meaning.


Sanskrit for artist, creator

For me this represents our creative capacity to master not only our destiny but also the world we live in.


Sesotho/isiZulu means to be 'of something'

Egyptian means 'soul' represents our spiritual nature.

Japanese means 'excellence or beauty' represents our ever expanding nature and the polishing of our characters into diamonds 


Italian for cleansing/washing, represents the cleansing we must do to elevate ourselves and the cycles of life.


Hindi means the cycle of birth and death, represents rebirth.

Hindi means to have a 'skilled craft' which for me represents mastery in one's way. 

Hindi means the cycle of birth and death, represents rebirth.

 Sanskrit means 'time' and I've read it also points to one's destiny. 

Hawaiian means "The SUN' representing Light and a source of nutrition.

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