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How To Stop Procrastinating
The 10 Procrastination Bullies
Hiding In Your Head

The Definition of Procrastination

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How to stop procrastination is an art! 

First, before I tell you about the 10 Procrastination Bullies Hiding In Your Head, what does procrastination mean to you?

A colleague told me she'd not seen herself as someone who procrastinates until she read my article 'The Meaning of Procrastination', and why procrastination is a dirty word. She's an action person. She works hard. She's successful. 

She had an epiphany. While she worked dam hard on getting stuff done, there were loads of other things she was secretly avoiding. She hadn't named them. 

Ultimately it IS all in the story you tell yourself. In my article exploring what procrastination is, I share how procrastination has become a dirty word. How it leads us to feel guilt, shame and self-hate. When we avoid something we do NOT name, it quietly, unconsciously plagues us. 

Because, in the end, we give attention to what matters most. We do. We can say something matters, but if it did, we would do it right?

But what about when something does matter. Let's take a look from a different angle. 

Some experts say it isn't procrastination if you haven't made a decision to do something. 

One dictionary definition says it is:

 'The act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying,especially something requiring immediate attention.'

My definition of procrastination is anything you avoid doing (that is costing you your dream, your well-being or your growth). There are countless ways you're doing it without even knowing it.

What causes procrastination? Anything which takes you near your stress edge.

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  10 Procrastination Directors Hiding In Your Head

1/10. The Perfectionist.

You need the right times, right conditions, right resources...and then... (NOTHING). The reality of the task at hand doesn't match the perfect vision in your head. 

*It may look like this:



*'I CAN'T' - with a collapse into 'I'm useless' thinking. 

Another word for Perfectionism is FAULT FINDING. 


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2/10. Adrenaline Junkie.

You work best under tight deadlines with a sense of urgency. Your adrenaline must pump high. Suddenly, you're focused, fearless and an energy bunny. The rest of the time, you're either overwhelmed or bored. A little bit of chaos never hurt you. Except, when it does. 

 It takes a large measure of panic to lift you out of the fog. What to do when you are? Check out my class on How to stop feeling overwhelmed?

3/10. Anything but... Classic discomfort avoider.

First some coffee, open that fridge (again). Check your email, Facebook. Oh my word, where has the time gone.


I'm Busy, busy, busy. You have much to DO. You do it. You're a DOER. Except that ONE thing you know is super important. But geez, you can't find the time for it.

FB Live #MindshiftClass coming up today (Wednesday) in our Facebook group. When you sacrifice what you want most for what you want right now. Join us. 

4/10. Dizzzzy & Ditsy.

Your favourite response when in doubt is: 'I don't know.' You become flustered, confused and easily overwhelmed. Paralysed, you can't think. Somewhat of a 'damsel in distress' you're waiting to be saved.

You've found the perfect way to

a. react to your own impatience; and

b. to have a reason you give others to not be held accountable. 

Your motto:


Basically, you can't sit with SHIT for long. Hardship is NOT FOR YOU! OMG, it's just not. 

5/10. The Fretter

 What if 'x' goes wrong, and you worry about 'y', if you can't make 'z' happen, then you'll NEVER manage to make 'A'. Worry, worry, worry. No sleep for you. F*%K. If only.... 



Did you know worry makes you believe you're in charge (even though you're so NOT.)

F&%K that demon in your head. Tell her to go suck it!!!

For goodness sake, get some sleep. (Yes, there is a class on the to-do list for this one.)

Tired YOU doesn't bode well for anyone. 

6/10. Relationships Avoider. I'll deal with my relationship another day. 

C'mon, relationships are the hardest work in the world. Even THE MOST productive people run from doing this work. Number one reason for divorce. Next...and divorce again. Next...

Guess what...where ever you go, there you are. One common denominator in every relationship is YOU! Take a bow. You really are the star of your own show. Understand every relationship brings an opportunity for wisdom, for growth. Remain humble without sacrificing yourself. 

Be comfortable with disagreement and polarity. Beautiful breakthroughs are found right here. 

7/10. It's just NOT ME.

I don't have the talent, the skill, I don't like it. I'm ONLY doing the stuff I love. I'm bored.

YIP! Sometimes inertia is a BITCH, Watch you don't make it a habit. One outstanding factor between people who make their dreams happen and people who don't is the WILLINGNESS to do what must be done. Not from 'have-to', 'should' or 'must' but from love for the mission.

You JUST get it done. 

Let's break for 10 secs for a romantic update!

From my fav philosopher, writer and poet

Always you have been told that work is a curse and labour a misfortune. 

But I say to you that when you work you fulfil a part of earth's furthest dream,

assigned to you when that dream was born,

And in keeping yourself with labour you are in truth loving life, 

And to love life through labour is to be intimate with life's inmost secret.


Work is love made visible. 

And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste,

it is better that you should leave your work and

sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy.

Kahlil Gibran

And from SARK

8/10. Sick, tired and DEAD.

You feel exhausted. Physically, emotionally, spiritually. Inertia has manifested into some real time demon monsters. It feels totally out of control. You wake up wishing your mother could write you a letter, like back at school. Now it's down to you. 

This is a sign calling for a lifestyle shift. It doesn't need to happen in a day. Begin in small ways will pave a road to a new life if you're focused and patient with it. Time to wake up. Self care first. 

Here are is the recipe for happy living.


You spend time idealising about who you will be one day. You have the perfect picture in your head of what the finished project, task, product will look like when you are the YOU you know you are meant to be. One day. You end up feeling super disappointed in life and yourself much of the time. 

You are perfectly you right now darling. You really are. If you were anymore perfect you'd be dead. 

PS. In the same way you fantasize about how amazing life will be when your dream is real. SO not true. Find out here what happiness is.

10/10. Relationship Helper

You're an OPPP (Other People's Problems Person). Because when you're busy in other people's business, you don't have to be in your own. It's easier to be involved in drama you can proudly say is not yours. You even get to look good.

Yip! Every time you focus on someone else, you're not with YOU. You're not home. Being home with you is scary. But being away from home hurts after a while. 

Ask yourself, whose business am I in right now? Every time you're thinking about someone else, you ain't in yours honey. 

Feeling shaken or burnt out is a way your soul calls you to come home to do deal with you. 

What are the effects of procrastination?

The effects of procrastination are self loathing, loss of confidence, loss of compassion, addictions, anxiety and depression. There are also consequences in the outside world when we don't take care of stuff or we run to harmful habits to escape.

The biggest effect of procrastination is you teach yourself you're not trustworthy.

When you can not rely on yourself you fall into the trap of what is called 'learned helplessness'. You teach yourself the habit of failure. 

In our FREE LIVE WORKSHOP, we show you how to stop procrastination when it's something that does matter. 

You'll learn:

  1. The 9 fears and desires that drive your behaviour;
  2. Why procrastination sometimes feels good (even though you hate it);
  3. Why there is no such thing as will power;
  4. And how to kickstart your morning to set up a successful day (You night owls ain't gonna like it. Come anyway.)
  5. Why happiness habits will make it easier to handle what you don't like. 

Want to know ways to avoid procrastination? Grab your seat >>>

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