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3 Relationship Mistakes You're Making
How To unStuck From
Your Relationship Problems

My relationship problems did not go away until I fixed these 3 mistakes I was mistaking. And it's not what you think.

It wasn't because of how I was handling the other person. It was how I was handling me. Everything INSIDE me was not only causing me to act out in ways that did my relationships harm, but was causing me to attract people into my life who were not committed, not honest, who did not love me or were simply not emotionally available. 

I was living beyond my stress threshold. I was thinking from, and acting from a FEELING of terror. Relationships had become my present day TIGER. I was waiting to be eaten at any moment. 

I saw people as a threat. 

I responded with FIGHT, FLIGHT & ADDICTION.

I totally lost all sense of self. I shaped myself to be what I thought others needed me to be.

I share the three mistakes I discovered, and what I did to STOP making them. This not only changed my life. Watch this FB LIVE #MindShift Class

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