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Sunday Poem - Desire
Desirability is but a game 

Desirability is but a game.

One that is taught.

And one I learned well.

I use to think I could count my worth by this.

And I found only emptiness. I am unlearning.

That does not mean I say desire has no place.

It has its sweetness, no?

But this is not where my doubt lies.

But talk to me of Love, Freedom, Truth and Greatness - these can not be bought.

None can be played; nor are fooled by wit nor charm.

None can be seduced by power nor naked flesh.

Here is where my doubt begins

- in my capacity to love,

and yes, my own lovability and worth.

In my capacity to let be,

and in what freedom truly means.

In my own capacity for greatness,

and to walk hand in hand with truth.

These are the secrets of my heart.

These are the whispers that

weave strands of art in me when I'm still.

It is here my quest begins.

It appears as if love and freedom

can not live side by side.

But it is only the false version of each

that creates such a distance.

And once the illusion of love and freedom flees

- the naked truth is left.

And each lover can see

that love never was

and freedom was lost from the start.

Some may flutter from one lover to another

- thinking detachment brings true freedom. Y

et in time they wake to find their hearts have closed,

and their light is but a shadow of self.

Some may blindly devote their heart to one

- thinking that this is the nature of true love.

But in time they wake to find they bind their beloved,

and their spirit has shrunk in half.

I seek both love and freedom.

Not in fantasy but in truth.

I am not very practical...

and perhaps I live in dreams.

For I am like a gypsy.

And I do not know how to

stay in one place for very long.

I like adventure.

Yet a part of me wants to be tamed.

Does enjoying one mean the loss of the other?

For now, I hope to learn how to keep my heart open

without the need to bind.

I remind myself to be full with my own love first

before I seek to touch another.

I wonder how to express my desire to give without smothering.

Of truth - can I live it?

Of greatness - I carry something of this seed in my heart. But I have far to go.

And somehow I think it takes love to have greatness.

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